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Can We Rely on Facial Recognition Software?

As technology around facial recognition software grows more effective and a variety of use cases...

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Working with a security integrator to install a security system is the best way to protect your...

ISC West: Trends, Friends, and Gathering Again

ISC West shed light on exciting developments in two security components

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Increase Operational Efficiency with Customized Access Control Solutions

Save on time, labor, and resources with access control tailored to your specific needs.

Finding and...

4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Hosted Security

Wondering if hosted security is right for your business? Look out for these signals. 


Multi-Factor Authentication In Access Control and Video

Learn about a simple measure that can help keep your company more secure

Migrating to Mobile Credentials

Easily update your access control technology to include mobile credentials 

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The Role of Access Control in Managing Pandemic Protocols

How can access control systems help make workplaces safer and healthier?

The Benefits of NFC Over BLE

Why Near-Field Communication serves access control functions better than Bluetooth Low Energy

8 Reasons Access Control and Video Surveillance Are the Cornerstones of Physical Security

For companies considering making improvements in safety and security, access control and video...