Sales Team Support

Pre-Design with Our Sales Team

SCI will identify those areas of our clients’ facilities that could benefit from enhanced security, either electronic or physical architectural treatments. These areas include Employee Access to the site, Delivery Management, Visitor Management, Main Lobby, and Perimeter and Interior Video.

SCI’s proposed solutions will include a plan for the timely and economical implementation of all recommendations.

The SCI team will document the requirements in a detailed submittal including cut sheets of all devices, floor plans and wiring diagrams.

pre-design with sales team

Conceptual Design With Our Design/Engineering Services

Based upon our pre-design assessment, SCI will present a conceptual overview of the proposed systems, highlighting operational concept, system flexibility, expansion, and audit trail/reporting.

A general system layout, recommended technology, communications requirements, systems management functions and any construction specifications are included. Requirements such as base building system interface, power requirements, and life safety system interfaces, etc. will also be provided.

SCI sales staff will prepare a detailed proposal identifying all equipment to be provided, labor costs, and any items you elect to provide, such as PC workstations or network connections.

conceptual design with design engineering services

Development of Schematic Design Includes:

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Cable Riser Diagrams

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Equipment Layout

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Hardware (Types and Model Numbers)

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Building / Site Plans

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IT Requirements

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Budgetary Considerations