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Working With a Security Integrator: What You Need To Know

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Working with a security integrator to install a security system is the best way to protect your business. 

Business owners and facility managers know the importance of selecting the right security solutions for their company security system. At the same time, sifting through the wealth of options and quickly-developing products can be extremely overwhelming. All the while, budget constraints and ever-changing threats make these selections even more complex. Learn how security integrators create a comprehensive system involving various products and services to protect the physical security of their clients. 

What Is a Security Integrator?

A security integrator designs, installs, and maintains comprehensive security systems for their clients. Integrators bring a deep knowledge of security software and hardware options, and combine these aspects to create a cohesive and effective security infrastructure tailored to each company’s security system needs. 

Enterprises in every industry unfortunately face threats of vandalism, violence, and theft. Physical security systems exist to prevent and address these threats. Security integrators help clients to combine all of the aspects of physical security: access control, video surveillance, alarms, and more. The steps and knowledge necessary to install a security system that is thorough and streamlined require a security integrator expert. 

Why Hire a Security Integrator?

At a small scale, it may seem easy to simply install a security system and consider your due diligence done. However, seasoned facility managers and security professionals understand that creating a streamlined and high-performing security system involves a wide range of factors, including:

  • Access control 
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm and intercom systems
  • Doors, Locks, Gates
  • Access credentials (card and mobile)
  • HR and reporting integrations
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Lighting, and more

Security solutions integrators take your physical security to the next level. Not only do integrators do the work to install a security system — they also stay on top of industry trends and foster vendor relationships to ensure your security system is the very best it can be. 

Finding the Right Security Integrator for Your Needs

As you search for the right security integrator to partner with, keep the following attributes in mind. 


Due to the complexities at play in the security solutions industry, working with experienced integrators is crucial. Without a proven track record of successful projects, it’s difficult for integrators to perform thorough work in finding and applying the best products for your specific needs. 


Even with the highest-quality hardware and the best-designed systems, issues and questions are inevitable. Partnering with a security integrator dedicated to responding quickly and thoughtfully to your concerns is critical to maintaining the physical safety of your business. 

Vendor relationships 

Part of a high-quality security integrator’s role is to build meaningful relationships with vendors of security solutions. These relationships give integrators an insider view of the qualities and capabilities of each product offering. Only with this degree of intimate knowledge can integrators craft the ideal solutions for each client, combining various aspects of hardware and software from the vast menu of vendors. 

Overall, creating a streamlined physical security system that addresses all types of threats is next to impossible without the partnership of an experienced integrator. Companies’ security systems rely on interconnected products that address video surveillance, access control and more. 


Security Control Integrators is proud to build and maintain reliable and effective security solutions for businesses across various industries. With decades of experience in the security industry and a proven track record of satisfied clients, we are dedicated to excellence. From our 24/7 service response team to our meaningful vendor relationships, our team has the tools to install and maintain a security system you can trust. If you’re looking for an integrator partner, get in touch today.