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ISC West: Trends, Friends, and Gathering Again

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ISC West shed light on exciting developments in two security components

What’s new, according to ISC West? On the surface, not much — but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been huge strides in existing security components over the years. In many ways, the most exciting element of this year’s ISC West event was the way it resembled the past: it was well-attended and bustling with activity, a far cry from the smaller-scale events of the last few years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The energy of reuniting was palpable throughout the tradeshow floor, and valuable connections were made and reforged throughout the week. 

Throughout this feel-good reunion for security professionals and manufacturers across the globe, two key areas of development stood out: video analytics and streamlined access control solutions dominated the ISC West trade show floor. While these basic concepts have been weaving their way into security solutions for years, ISC West made one thing clear: these technologies are getting better, faster, and stronger. 

Video Analytics

A few of the flashiest developments from ISC West pertain to video analytics. Eagle Eye’s rollout of AI-powered video monitoring systems shows huge potential to streamline and simplify surveillance across industries. With people detection that pulls video feeds with current activity to the top of the monitoring layout, security professionals can drastically cut down on the amount of time they spend monitoring blank screens or flipping back and forth between feeds. 

Plus, a new search feature allows users to type in terms like “backpack” or “yellow upper wear” and pull up all of the matching images from the recordings. Then, users can click on the person they meant to search for and view all relevant footage. The search capability will come in handy in the case of lost items as well as more serious security incidents. Instead of combing through hours of footage, users will be able to quickly zero in on any person’s recorded activity. 

ISC West also helped shed light on various add-ons to current video monitoring systems. For example, some of Aviglion’s video cameras incorporate sensors that can detect temperature swings, high humidity, vaping, cannabis, and even gunshots. Especially for use in healthcare and education spaces, these sensors may revolutionize the way assets and occupants are kept secure. 

What’s more, facial recognition software from companies like SAFR seeks to address the three key concerns when it comes to facial recognition reliability: lighting, bias, and spoofing detection. These capabilities marry video analytics and access control solutions to create a powerful and streamlined user experience. As AI and other analytics capabilities continue to improve, users can place more trust in these increasingly reliable technologies. 

Access Control Solutions

Various industry leaders are pushing to overcome a few of the major pain points in access control. New developments address guest access, NFC use, and ease of enrollment. For example, LenelS2 is bringing smoother guest access solutions to the table. Instead of requiring guests to download an app in order to access a mobile keycard and thus the building as a whole, their new features include a guest pass that allows users to simply send someone a link for access. 

The conversation around NFC vs. BLE continues, and Genea has become the first manufacturer to bring NFC to access control. With their 100% cloud-based access control, employees can store their badges in Apple Wallet and simply scan their Apple Watch for access to a secure space. Their system also allows for remote lock and unlock based on the video stream. 

A third pain point that many manufacturers presented solutions for at ISC West is enrollment in access control databases. SAFR allows for various pathways to enrollment: at a device, at a keypad, or directly through an integration with Feenics. Various other manufacturers have kept easy integrations and enrollment at the forefront of their design as well. 


With more sophisticated reporting capabilities, reliable software, and thoughtfully-designed hardware, the security world is growing more streamlined and accurate each year. ISC West presented an excellent opportunity to experience a few of these exciting developments and to reconnect with friends in the business. The event is back in full force, and the solutions to common pain points are exciting to witness. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!