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Increase Operational Efficiency with Customized Access Control Solutions

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Save on time, labor, and resources with access control tailored to your specific needs.

Finding and implementing the right access control system for your organization impacts more than just your physical security. While providing pinpointed, heightened security is the overall goal, a customized access control system will also allow for smoother daily routines and streamlined processes, freeing up valuable resources. These are a few ways in which a customized access control solution can help increase the operational efficiency of your business overall. 

Reduce Labor Required

Many one-size-fits-all access control systems are extremely reliant on the physical presence of security personnel at key access points. In many cases, employee access depends on key cards or similar technology, and security personnel are needed when a guest arrives and needs to check in. Not only do systems like this mean wasting important resources on labor that is largely unnecessary, but they also waste the time of employees going through time-consuming processes to have a guest admitted to the building. 

Similar problems arise with onsite access control solutions when businesses expand to multiple locations. Onsite solutions require companies to effectively multiply their security staff by the number of locations they have. On the other hand, cloud-based access control solutions allow for remote monitoring of additional locations, reducing the overall staffing requirements and freeing up time. This smart use of resources is made possible through the selection of an individualized, customized access control system.

With customized access control solutions, organizations can opt for features like cloud-based access control and mobile credentials. These allow for quicker and easier security processes, without requiring additional manpower. Because a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for all businesses, customized access control solutions often provide the best results. 

Integration with Additional Systems

Some organizations have a need for complex access control and people management systems, while some operate on a small enough scale that cost-intensive solutions are unlikely to pay off. Opting to work with a security integrator to craft a customized access control solution can increase operational efficiency due to the added capability to integrate with other systems. For example, customized access control solutions can integrate with HR systems to streamline with additional capabilities such as COVID screening questions, guest requests, scheduled days in the office, and more. Choosing a customized option for the needs of your company means you can use your access control processes and technology for additional people and building management tasks. 

Greater Control

Opting for customized access control solutions means enjoying more control over the features you need most. Whether you’d like to implement a mobile credentialing system that requires multi-factor authentication or whether you need a system that places additional safeguards on a specific stockroom or entrance, a customized system will allow you to give your time and resources to the aspects of your access control processes that matter most. You know best what your business needs, and the control over your access control features belongs in your hands. Customized access control solutions allow for pinpointed efforts and less time wasted. 

Select Individualized Solutions

No two businesses are exactly alike. Attempting to piece together a full security system without opting for a fully customized solution often results in clunky overlap and frustrating inefficiency. Fully customized solutions are now affordable for businesses at every level, and the payoff comes in the form of the maximized control over your systems and the added security for your people and assets. With an individualized plan created with Security Control Integrators, you can select the exact features you need without overpaying for those you don’t. Get in touch today!