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Top Tools for Occupancy Planning

Optimize budget and improve productivity with these occupancy planning tools.

One of the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses from every industry is a new focus on occupancy tracking. Regulations in 2020 and beyond called for occupancy monitoring to ensure that workspaces were never overcrowded, as this would create a risky environment for staff and clients. 

Working With a Security Integrator: What You Need To Know

Working with a security integrator to install a security system is the best way to protect your...

ISC West: Trends, Friends, and Gathering Again

ISC West shed light on exciting developments in two security components

What’s new, according to ...

A Look Ahead: What's Coming in the Security World in 2023?

Here are four big changes on the horizon this year in the security industry. 

While 2022 brought...

Common Problems in Healthcare Security and How to Overcome Them

These challenges remain top of mind in the healthcare security space. 

Healthcare organizations...

Increase Operational Efficiency with Customized Access Control Solutions

Save on time, labor, and resources with access control tailored to your specific needs.

Finding and...

3 Signs Your Surveillance System Needs Upgrading

Be on the lookout for these three symptoms that your surveillance system is in need of a refresh. 


4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Hosted Security

Wondering if hosted security is right for your business? Look out for these signals. 


What is the Internet of Things and Why Does It Matter to Your Security?

Learn how your security measures interact with devices on the internet.

Whether or not you’re...

Multi-Factor Authentication In Access Control and Video

Learn about a simple measure that can help keep your company more secure