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Can Your Video Monitoring System Do This?

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Get insights into the latest capabilities for video monitoring systems.

Innovations in video monitoring are among the most exciting developments in the security industry in recent years. The latest features respond to a growing need for efficiency and interconnectedness throughout security systems. Learn about the exciting capabilities made possible by AI-powered systems and advanced integrations.

Dynamic Layouts 

The video surveillance layouts of the past give way to inefficiencies as security professionals scroll through countless quiet cameras, potentially missing the feeds where relevant activity is occurring. Through AI-powered video monitoring systems like Eagle Eye Network’s, dynamic layouts allow for more streamlined surveillance. Smart layouts pull feeds with activity to the top of the page automatically to reduce time wasted on blank screens. Users can set detection to “motion,” “person,” or “vehicle” to best fit their use case and follow relevant action on-screen. With a few simple clicks, users can view camera movement from the beginning of the action.

Another layout option is to view an interactive map based on the floorplan of a building. This view allows for streamlined video monitoring and occupancy control with people counting data in a single view. Users can group entrances to create designated areas and track people in and out in real time to enhance safety. Doubling up business intelligence with security measures increases efficiencies on various levels. 

Video Search

In situations that call for a review of video footage in the hopes of finding a specific person, vehicle, or object, AI-powered capabilities can allow for significant time savings. Eagle Eye’s Smart Video Search feature allows users to type in a description such as “green upper wear” and narrow the search to a specific timeframe to pull up all images of people in clothing that fits the description. Then, users can click the specific person they’re searching for and quickly compile all footage of that individual from all of the cameras. With a density map of the individual’s movement and all footage collected with a few fast steps, organizations can save crucial time on investigations. 

Cloud Integrations

Simplified cloud integrations from both Eagle Eye and Avigilon boost efficiency and scalability across security teams. Cloud hosted video monitoring systems improve real-time visibility and open the door for integrations that allow for smart analytics, metadata storage and more. To make the transition from on prem to cloud smoother, many cloud products come equipped with easy systems for making the switch. 

Shareable Footage

Whether security footage needs to be shared between teams or quickly sent to law enforcement, time is of the essence. Today’s systems allow for fast sharing of specific video clips with just a few clicks. 

License Plate Recognition

Security professionals handling surveillance for parking lots and business centers can save time and resources with license plate recognition. From streamlining parking garage access control to automating alerts for suspicious vehicles, this capability offers several business applications and easy integration. 

Analytics Add-Ons

Today’s most advanced video monitoring systems do more than record footage. Add-ons like audio analytics, temperature monitors, and smart sensors take security to an entirely new level. Sensors can pick up occurrences of tampering, gunshots, vaping, cannabis, high humidity and more. From schools to IT closets, these additional sensors provide a layer of analytics and alerts that can help increase safety of people and resources. 

The latest analytics and AI capabilities make video monitoring systems more efficient than ever. Time-saving features and more seamless integrations mean added uptime, more reliable security measures, and smarter investments across the board. For help determining which security features your business needs and how to implement a new system, the team at Security Control Integrators is here to help. Get started today!